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Nimble’s Trip to REHACARE: Day 4

With the weather not so great today we were hopeful more people would head inside to Rehacare to steer clear of the rain. Whether it was this that caused the hustle and bustle or not we’ll never know but today was certainly busy!

We met people from Turkey, the Netherlands and Italy who all loved Nimble after having a try. One guy from Greece even referred to our handy one finger opener as “the famous Nimble”! (He’d seen it on Kickstarter).

After lunch, the crowds didn’t let up and we had dozens more people to talk to and demo Nimble for. We got through a lot of Post-Its and packs of Haribo putting Nimble through its paces.

Later in the afternoon the Brazilian pavilion nearby were offering Brazilian-themed drinks and live music which provided some rest bite from a hard day’s work.




Lee also got his hands on an electric powered scooter and took it for a spin…

So that brought to a close possibly the best day of Rehacare yet! What will today bring…?


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