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Nimble’s Trip to REHACARE: Day 5

Today was the last day of Rehacare and we were exhausted before we even got there! As soon as we got going again talking to passers-by though we perked up and were back in the swing of things.

It was rainy outside which, unusually, was good for us! This was because more members of the public would be looking for a fun way to spend their Saturday afternoon indoors, with Rehacare being a good option.

Again we spoke to people from all over the world and showed them Nimble. One lady in particular stood out to me though. She wasn’t able to move her hands at all, no bending her fingers or slight movement of her fingertips. Nothing. But, when she put Nimble on she was able to open a packet of sweets on her own. That was amazing to see.

After lunch-time I had a wander around the show for a few hours to explore, learn what other businesses were there, and to find out about the latest technologies and ideas companies were showing off to everyone.


Proof that cars adapted for people with disabilites can look just as amazing


A bird’s eye view


… and a giant inflatable hand.

It was only when walking through and between the halls of the tradeshow that I was able to truly appreciate the sheer scale of the place. It’s huge.

Case in point, this video below shows just one of the 7 halls open for Rehacare…

At 5pm the show came to an end for 2016 and the packing up commenced. This was when, for once, we weren’t envious of the companies with larger stands!

It was an amazing show this year. Better than our visit in 2015 inf fact.

Here’s hoping we can top 2016 next year…