BackerKit Reminder + New Nimble Video + A (Potential) Production Speed Bump

Hey Folks,

Time for another Nimble update! There’s lots to share with you this week.




First of all I wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who has completed the BackerKit survey so far, 91%!!!

One of the 9%? Please read below.


For those of you who haven’t got around to it yet I have extended the lock-down date to 31st October. 

NOTE: Please compete your BackerKit survey before this date (31st October). If we don’t have your details by this date then we won’t be able to send out your reward with the first shipment.

Click here to login to BackerKit and fill in your survey.

If you can’t remember your login visit this page and enter the email address you use for Kickstarter.

Still having problems? Email us at kickstarter@version22.com.


Introducing The New Nimble Video

Lee has been hard at work creating the new Nimble video and I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth it! Take a look below at the Nimble Nimble design, and the new Nimble cutting mat, in action.



After you’ve had a watch, if you decide you’d like a Nimble cutting mat to go with your Nimble you can still pre-order one at a Backer-only discount on BackerKit here.


Packaging Design Done & Dusted

Last week me and Lee spent the morning in Sheffield with our very talented package designer Peter and this amazing CNC cutting & creasing machine…

A video posted by Version 22 (@version22design) on


… to make all of the final tweaks necessary to ensure Nimble’s packaging not only looks the part but protects Nimble during transit so it arrives at your door in tip-top condition.

It was a fun if very intense morning but I’m happy to say we now know exactly what we have to submit to the manufacturers to get the perfect Nimble packaging.



A Potential Production Delay

We’ve hit a potential speedbump in production regarding Nimble’s ceramic blade in that the grind angle and tolerances (the bits that make the sharp cutting edge) aren’t quite up to scratch, leaving us with Nimble samples that look the part but don’t cut as well as we want.

We know what needs to change with the blade, that’s not the problem, the problem is the unexpectedly long lead time the manufacturer told us is required to make these changes.

Right now we’re exploring a few different options to avoid this delay, one being sourcing the blade from a different manufacturer we’ve worked with previously.

It may be that we figure things out and avoid any significant delays altogether which would be great. It may also be however that this potential delay turns out to be unavoidable. We will know in the next week or so.

In the interest of transparency I just wanted to keep you guys in the loop on this.


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