Factory Photos, Quality Check x200, Nimble Stickers, and Nimble’s Product Range

We have a jam-packed Update again this week, so grab your snacks and let’s get started.



Factory Photos

We’ve had a sneak-peek into the factory this week, and have been sent over some photos from the manufacturers.

The factory from outside


We’re still on track to get the Nimbles flown over to the UK ready for dispatch for the end of November. Nothing has changed since our previous Update, where we explained that we’ll be cutting it close with the December delivery time, but will still get everyone their Nimbles in time before Christmas. Again, any further delays that we encounter, will most likely mean that we’ll be missing our December deadline.

We’ll keep you all updated with everything as we go along.

The Assembly Rig


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Here is an example of the assembly rig that the manufacturers are working with. Remember that crude version we created before in July in a previous Update?


Inside the factory



Quality Check x200

Last week we had a delivery of 200 final sample Nimbles, so in between managing the day-to-day tasks of Version 22, I’ve been whittling away assembling both the Nimbles, their packaging samples, and quality checking each and every one of them. It goes to say that several hours of Netflix(ing) were involved!


Stacks on stacks!


As we speak I’m on the final few, and am happy to let you guys know that all so far have passed the quality check. Which means that we should expect great results from our Kickstarter batch which is currently being manufactured!



Nimble Re-sealable Stickers

Last week, I said that we’re finally going into production with the Nimble re-sealable stickers. Costs ended up being lower than what we originally thought, so we were able to increase the size of the stickers due to the number that you guys ordered through Backerkit and Indiegogo.


A roll of 5,000 Nimble stickers, and them being put to good use on a coffee packet


Now that our stickers have arrived, we’ve FINALLY been able to do some product shoots with all of the products we’ve been creating with you, since we began the Nimble Kickstarter campaign back in April. Take a look below at the product range.





Until Next Time

That’s all for this week. To stay in the loop on day-to-day stuff between updates, come join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram… be sure to say hi too! 🙂



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