Still on track, Custom Shipping Boxes, Packaging & Cutting Mat Production, and Black Friday Sales

Welcome to this week’s Kickstarter Update. Everything’s starting to come together ready for shipping and distribution, so the following few weeks will be fun-filled and information-packed. Read on to find out what’s been going on during the past 7 days.



We’re Still on Track

We’re still on track for sending the Kickstarter batch of Nimbles out, to be with you before Christmas this year which is always great news! Unfortunately, we do still have a few backers that haven’t entered their details on Backerkit…

1,746 Backers have answered their surveys and 146 have not.


Further purchases have been locked down, but you’re still able to enter your shipping details, for now. We’re putting together all the files for our distributors as we speak, so we’re going to have to lock down the Backerkit surveys by the end of this week. This means that anyone who hasn’t entered their details will NOT be receiving their order before Christmas and will have to wait for our second batch to be released either in late January or early February.

If you are still yet to fill in your details on Backerkit, please follow this link:


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Custom Shipping Boxes

Nimble’s success on Kickstarter and Indiegogo has allowed for us to develop Version 22 further as a business. As well as fulfilling pre-orders through these platforms, we’ve been making business with distributors and retailers, which requires a higher level of brand identity.

Although it might not seem like a big deal, having custom branded supplies is an important step for a growing company like ours. It develops the company’s image and changes the way we deal with business, creating a more professional touch.



We’ve now got Version 22 custom-branded boxes! This all feels very official ?

A photo posted by Version 22 (@version22design) on


Approving Packaging and Cutting Mat Production

This week we’ve given the final go-ahead for production of the packaging designs and cutting mats. This means that we finally have almost everything ready for assembly, packaging and distribution. We’ve also had news that the ceramic blades for Nimble have finally been produced, which means all the Nimbles are now being assembled.

The current and next steps now only involve final production of the remainder of our products, and the shipping of them to our warehouse in the UK, before we send them out across the world to your letterboxes!






Black Friday Sales

For those who don’t already know about our previous product Geco Hub, the grab and go storage unit, you can find out more information from our Kickstarter campaign page by clicking here.


Geco Hub saves you time by always having the things you need at hand, wherever is best for you.


If you’re looking to get your hands on one, we’ll be making them available during the Black Friday sales at a discount price. If you’re a subscriber of our weekly newsletter (The 22 Review), you’ll receive an email at 12am GMT Friday morning.

In that email, we’ll be including a secret code that will allow you to apply a discount for Geco Hub at checkout. This will only be available on Friday and we do have limited stock, so make sure you’re ready!

If you’d like to receive the secret code on Friday and sign-up for our 22 Review, you can do so by clicking here.




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