Nimble Delivery Plans and Guest-Speaking at First Tuesday



5,000 Nimbles are Leaving China

The time has arrived! Production has completed, and the first batch of 5,000 Nimbles are heading to the UK as we speak! Our original plan was to have the batch shipped over, but as some things have taken longer than expected, we’ve upped the game and will be flying them over along with the Nimble Cutting Mats to our distribution centre in Manchester, where they’ll be immediately picked up and thrown into the post on the way to your doorsteps.


We expect the Nimbles to arrive on December 14th, then there will be a team of 4 people working around the clock to get everyone’s orders sent out as soon as possible. We’re going to do everything we can to meet the Royal Mail Christmas cut-off dates so that everyone gets their Nimbles in time for Christmas, however this unfortunately isn’t something we can guarantee due to the unpredictable nature of postage and customs checks.

Our second batch, which will be for our Indiegogo contributors and further orders, will be shipped over shortly to arrive with us in January as expected.



2,000 Nimble Carry Bags

This week we also had another delivery dropped off in the office. It was 2,000 Nimble Carry Bags to go along with the 5,000 Stickers that came in the other week to create the Nimble Carry Bag Bundle!

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This is what 2000 #nimble carry bags looks like!

A photo posted by Version 22 (@version22design) on


These have been sent North to Manchester along with the stickers and will be waiting for the Nimbles and Cutting Mats to arrive.




First Tuesday

First Tuesday is a network / meeting type-thing for local businesses in Nottingham, and usually has a couple of speakers relevant to growing businesses and lots of time to mingle and meet others who share similar values.

This month, Simon was lucky enough to be invited to talk at the event about how crowdfunding affected Version 22 as a business.



Simon told the story of the 3 Kickstarter campaigns he’s run to date. Two for Version 22’s first product Geco Hub and this one for Nimble.

He shared what he’d learnt from the very exciting and exhausting experiences of running Kickstarter campaigns and why it’s such a good way for people to get ideas off the ground. He shared stories of the coverage Nimble got and how it raised way more than the original goal of £5,000, as well as the challenges and huge amounts of planning that go into campaigns before they even launch.

Finally, he also spoke about how great it is to build an amazing online community of people who share the same interest and passion in an idea… in case you hadn’t guessed it yet, that’s you guys :).

If you’re interesting in hearing more about how Version 22 got on its feet, you can listen to The Small Business Sessions podcast by Enterprise Nation that Simon took part in back in October.



(via Kickstarter)