Nimbles have arrived in the UK!

This is the news we’ve all been waiting for! If you completed your Backerkit survey as requested, your Nimble order is currently being sorted and packed ready for dispatch.


Nimbles have arrived in the UK

Last week, we announced that the first batch of Nimbles just for Kickstarter backers have left the factory and are on their way to the UK by plane. Well, we received the fantastic news yesterday from our distributors that the first 5,000 Nimbles had arrived! Each box here contains 12 smaller boxes, which each contain 12 Nimbles.


Unloading from the delivery van


International orders are being packed and dispatched as we speak, which means we should avoid the Christmas rush as promised, but as mentioned before, we cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas day due to the unpredictability of the mail services. European and UK orders will be fulfilled right after.


Nimbles unboxed


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To keep delivery costs down for all backers, we’ve opted for an un-tracked delivery service, so there is no tracking information associated with your orders. We can send you a notification through Backerkit to say that your order has been dispatched so you’ll know when it’s on its way, but we can’t let you know exactly when it will be arriving.


Ready to pack


If you’re still yet to complete your Backerkit survey, please fill out your address details as soon as possible so your order can be dispatched right after the Christmas period.


Collext Order Fulfilment

It’s only right to give a shoutout to our favourite guys in Manchester on their wonderful job of posting and packing your orders across the world this week. If you’re interested in packing and distributing for your own campaign, then be sure to check these guys out!

Collext is using a mix of technology, logistics, and amazing customer service to make it simple for people and businesses to ship things to each other. Delivering a caring consumer experience while their couriers and skilled warehouse packers form the foundation for their fast-paced package processing service. Collext are ideal for crowdfunding campaigns such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo and will receive your products/rewards, package them and ship them to your backers.



(via Kickstarter)