Shipping Update

Hi all,

Just a quick update for you this week. Comments and messages have been flying in during the Christmas period, surrounding the subject of shipping and asking what’s going on.

We made the promise of hitting the Christmas mark for delivery, and whilst most of the production of Nimble went relatively smoothly, it was the final weeks that staggered and made us miss our original deadline.


We first had the problems with the Nimble ceramic blades not being produced correctly which set us back a few weeks, then as they arrived in the UK, we hit the week before Christmas which saw strikes in the Royal Mail.

Although shipping was halted, packing was still a go ahead. We had everything lined up only to find that our envelope supplier had run out of one of the sizes of envelopes we needed! So even the packing came to a halt.

Since then, it’s been a jumble of bank holidays and non-working days in the UK, so getting those envelopes to our distributors has been a long waiting game, and the postal companies have only just started working normally after the holiday season.


Currently, 1,350 of the 1,741 have been shipped, and we’re waiting for the remainder to head on out before we send you all Backerkit notifications. Hold tight, we’re almost there!

Again, there are 130 backers that still haven’t filled out their surveys, so we advise that these people fill them out as soon as possible. We’re expecting the remainder of our first batch of Nimbles to be delivered by the end of January.




Once your Nimble does arrive, it would be great to hear your thoughts on Nimble and how it works, so we’re asking you to share some images on social media using the hashtag #NimbleTool.



You’re welcome to share them across any social media platforms you like. If you want us to see though, we’ll be keeping an eye on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you want us to specifically see something, you’re welcome to send us a message linking your post.



Until Next Time





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