A BIG Final Thank You, Delivery Statuses, and How-To Nimble


Hello all,

First of all, we’d like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey for the last 9 months. Nimble’s Kickstarter project has been filled with hard, yet enjoyable work even since before we hit the launch button, when work began a year ago to start preparation for the April 18th launch day. It’s been great seeing everything come together since then, and finally Nimble has been released into the World for our Kickstarter Backers to get their hands on.

Thank you!




We understand that most of you have received your Nimbles by now, but for those who have not, hold tight for just a little longer – it’s on its way!

Fulfilment began in the last week of 2016 and continued into the first week of 2017, managed by our super-awesome fulfilment team Collext. It takes a long time to process 1,741 orders! Although they were dispatched on our end during the first week of January, they still had to be sorted and processed by Royal Mail for distribution, which involved sending that huge number of orders of different sizes to 62 different countries around the World. It’s a process that can take some time and is completely out of our hands.

If you still haven’t received your order, we’d like to invite you to keep in contact with us, but please do bare in mind that your order may still be on its way to you. I would recommend you either email or direct message on here, so we can keep better tabs on the conversation.

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IMPORTANT: Please include the following information when sending messages:

  • Full name
  • Kickstarter login email
  • Attach any photos that will help with your issue




We’ve had a few messages from backers who have claimed that they’ve not received their order, yet they haven’t filled in their Backerkit surveys, which means they haven’t confirmed their shipping addresses, which also means we haven’t shipped their orders.



We cannot stress how important it is to fill in your shipping information on Backerkit, as people move addresses all the time and we can’t risk sending out orders to potentially old addresses.

Those 125 Backers have missed the deadline for their orders to be shipped out along with the other Kickstarter backers, so once you fill in your information you will be added to our February dispatch run alongside our Indiegogo orders.





It’s been a while since the Kickstarter project was live, so we’re including a section below to remind you how to use your Nimble. Some information can be found on your Nimble packaging, but we’d like to introduce a more comprehensive direction. First of all:


How to use Nimble



1. Place on your fingertip with Nimble’s head pointing down.

2. Hold item to be cut in your other hand or rest it on a Nimble Cutting Mat.

3. Apply pressure and draw a line to make a cut, with your finger at a 45° angle.

You should be able to cut through a few sheets of standard printing paper and most thin plastics, such as those used for packaging in kitchen and home items.


How to use Nimble

Nimble was originally designed for elderly people with hand dexterity problems, so that they could get into packaged food items such as crisps, pasta, rice, and bacon, which have pesky heat-sealed plastics that are not so easy to tear.

Through user-testing with a wide age range, disabled and non-disabled users, we came across the inclusive design aspects of Nimble and realised that it has use for all types of people – making it easy for anyone to open annoying packaging!



Nimble is a great alternative to knives and scissors, as it’s a much safer option. On thicker, softer skin, Nimble’s blade is small enough for the skin to bend around the blade, but on tighter and more frail skin you will likely cause slight injury when pressing hard*.

* Disclaimer: We suggest that you do not apply Nimble directly or indirectly to skin. Although Nimble is safer than most knives and scissors we wouldn’t recommend that you actively try to hurt yourself to test Nimble’s safety.


What is Nimble for?


Nimble can be used for almost any paper and plastic packaging for food around the kitchen, and even opening letters and parcels. Wear it like a thimble and swipe away!


Heat-sealed bacon packaging


Pasta bag packets


Magazine coupons


Packets of nuts


Letters and envelopes


Coffee bags


Parcels and packages


We hope these tips have helped with your wrap rage, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!




We’ve had a few people ask about the length of Nimble’s blade and what it should be. The answer is that it varies slightly due to normal tolerances in manufacture by 0.1mm, or so. It is possible, when comparing two Nimbles side by side, to sometimes see this variation. That is because Nimble’s blade doesn’t stick out very much in the first place so a very slight variation is perceptible.


A close-up of Nimble’s blade


As a general guide on blade length the best way to judge it is by its function: Nimble should cut through between 1-3 sheets of paper in one go (depending on thickness of paper, pressure applied and how level and rigid the cutting surface underneath is), most sticky tapes and parcel tapes etc, almost all plastic packaging in the kitchen and a host of other things.

If, on first attempt you don’t seem to be able to cut through the above items, ensure you’re using it as shown in the images above, and cutting on an appropriate surface, and have a few more goes. If you’re still having trouble then get in touch via direct message or email (it’s much easier to track emails and direct messages than comments so we’ll be able to get back to you quicker).




If you missed out on ordering a Nimble or wish to pass the fun onto a friend? Please see our Indiegogo campaign which will be live for only 1 MONTH MORE. After this, we’ll be moving over to live sales, so be sure to get in there first and guarantee your order before anyone else.



Until next time,
Simon & Lee


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