Things We Like: A Plastic Bag Made from Plants

Plastic bags are bad. Everyone knows this now. The carrier bag charge was introduced in all supermarkets in the UK in 2015 to reduce the number that were being used and disposed of each day. There are still however thousands upon thousands going into landfill every year, where undoubtably they take decades to disintegrate, often causing environmental damage or injurying wildlife in the process.

I’m sorry to paint this gloomy picture but if anything, it makes what I wanted to share even more exciting…

That’s because all of this is about to change thanks to an enteprising guy called Kevin Kumala. He’s created a completely biodegradable plastic that can also be dissolved in hot water. Not only is it biodegradable, it’s also non-toxic!

The ingenious plastic is made from cassava root. A cheap and widely available root vegatable that looks like this…

Pretty unassuming right? But after a bit of secret sciency magic these roots turn into this…

It has many of the upsides as traditional petroleum-based plastic (strong, waterproof, can be formed into many different shapes) but with non of the downside. No landfill clogging, no harming wildlife… nothing.

And you know what perhaps the most amazing part about all this is? These bags are so non-toxic that their inventor has dissolved and drank part of one of the bags! Click the thumbnail below to watch.

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All in all these clever bags are an idea worth sharing, and one which I hope we’ll be seeing everywhere we go soon.