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What We Got Up To Last Month (March 2017)

March has been an exciting month for the team at Version 22 by any measure. It’s gone by in a blur of parcels, emails, trips and launches, and here we are in April without even realising it!

Before we go any further; mentioning April reminds me of this brilliant April Fools sketch from the US version of The Office:

Okay moving on…

Like I said, March has been a crazy month, stressful at times admittedly, but for the most part, very exciting indeed.

In short this is what we got up to in March:

  • We shipped the remaining Kickstarter rewards and all Indiegogo pre-orders.
  • We launched the Nimble product family on Indiegogo’s new store, MarketPlace.
  • We celebrated 1 Year of our weekly email the 22 Review (subscribe here).
  • We visited NAIDEX, a tradeshow at the NEC in Birmingham.


  • Nimble won an international design award!

For those of you that want the details, read on for more…


Kickstarter & Indiegogo Orders Are All Sent!

Last month we finished shipping every Kickstarter and Indiegogo pre-order that we had valid shipping information for. This meant our warehouse receiving this:

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Before unwrapping and individually preparing over 2,000 order for dispatch to dozens of countries around the world. This took many days and a lot of late nights but in the end we did it! A huge thanks to Craig and our fulfillment partners Collext for doing such a stellar job.

(As we mentioned in our Kickstarter and Indiegogo updates, everyone was sent a confirmation email when their order was dispatched, if you haven’t received this, or you’ve received it and your delivery hasn’t arrived within 2 weeks, first check you have provided your correct shipping address in full, and if you have, drop us an email here.)


Indiegogo Marketplace

We’ve been working closely with Indiegogo on the launch of their new store for “in stock” products, Marketplace, and they helped us launch on March 24th with a nice shoutout in their weekly email. The launch went great and on the first day we even made it onto the front page of Indiegogo!



One Year of The 22 Review

Just last week we celebrated Issue #52 of the 22 Review, and with it, our newsletter’s 1st Birthday!

Just some of the ideas we’ve shared in past issues of The 22 Review

In the 22 Review we find two exciting, intriuging and conversation-worthy ideas each week and share our thoughts on them. With over 1,700 readers it’s growing every week, click here to get this Friday’s issue if you’re interested.


We Spotted a Familiar Face at Naidex

We visited a tradeshow called Naidex at the NEC last week. Naidex is a tradeshow all about the new innovations that help disabled people lead more independent lives. As Nimble was originally designed for disabled people (Nimble is much easier to use than knives or scissors for someone with arthritis) we’re always interested in seeing what’s on show.

Whilst exploring we ran into our friends from The Blue Badge Company who you might recognise from Dragon’s Den (more info here). As well as my friend Elodie, whom I met on my Version 22 trip to Brazil last year. Her business, Give Vision, uses VR headsets in a unique way to help enhance the vision of people with visual impairments.

We also spotted our very own Nimble being exhibited by RNIB, a British charity supporting blind and visually impaired people in the UK.

Can you spot Nimble?

They have chosen to stock Nimble as it is a much safer and easier to use option than knives for many blind and partially sighted people. (Interesting aside – visibility was the main reason Nimble was launched in yellow!)


Nimble Won An International Award

(Though we’re not sure which one yet…)

Last week we found out that Nimble had been selected as one of the Design Intelligence Award’s “Top22” making it one of 22 ideas out of 2,720 entries chosen to be awared a prize at a ceremony in China next month!


The thing is, there are 22 finalists and 22 prizes but there are three different types of prize – “DIA Gold”, “DIA Excellence” and “DIA Innovation” – so we won’t know which one Nimble’s got until we’ve been to Hangzhou, China and pitched in front of an audience there. This happens in the first week of May and I’ll be sure to write a blog post or two on my experience. Wish me luck!

So that’s it for us this month! Here’s hoping for an equally exciting April.

What was your favourite thing you did in March? Let us know in the comments below.