Nimble VS Human – The Story So Far

We originally designed Nimble for one purpose, opening food packaging in the kitchen.

But since its humble beginnings a few years ago, and to this day, people using Nimble continuously surprise us with the creative uses for Nimble they’ve come up with.

This was why we launched the Nimble Vs Human video series – to showcase the many different uses for everybody’s favorite little yellow tool.

To that end I’ve compiled the first few episodes our in-house video wiz Lee has created below. Episode 1 tackles the daily post problem, Episode 2 is all about present wrapping and Episode 3 looks at lunch.

Have a browse at your leisure and remember also to subscribe to our channel to catch Episode 4 when it lands!

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Episode 1 – Envelope Race

Episode 2 – Gift Dash

Episode 3 – Sandwich Sprint

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