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Solving Everyday Problems

We’re Version 22, a multi-award winning creative studio on a mission to solve the everyday problems in ways which make people smile. Our first two products are Geco Hub and Nimble.

Nimble opening a mailer bag

For Open Packaging

Use Nimble to quickly and easily open parcels without worrying about damaging the contents. Use it to effortlessly open envelopes, mailer bags and other plastic packaging around the home too.

Nimble is a handy tool for present wrapping

For Crafts and More

Nimble isn’t just for opening stuff either, you can use it as a fun and safe alternative to craft knives for cutting out paper shapes, as the most convenient way to cut vouchers out of the middle of magazine pages, and as a handy assistant when wrapping presents too.

Nimble is great for opening packaging

The Safer Choice

Nimble’s small ceramic blade may be great at cutting open plastic and paper packaging but it is also much safer then kitchen knives, box cutters and other tools normally used for the same thing.

Nimble is one size fits all

One Size-Fits-All

You don’t have to worry about which size of Nimble to get either as it’s one-size-fits-all. The specially designed yellow body effortlessly expands to fit different digits at a moment’s notice.


We’re confident you’ll love our products. So much so that if for whatever reason something’s not right we offer 100% refund or replacement within 120 days of purchase through our store.


We’re proud to offer free worldwide delivery for orders of £40 and free UK delivery for orders over £30… So buy yourself a bundle or team up with friends and save on shipping fees!


Version 22’s name is based on the very fact that developing a great product takes time, patience and most of all… Lots of prototypes. You have to keep going until you’ve developed a “version” of the design that’s just right. That’s exactly what we do.


Don’t just take our word for it on the quality of our products, they’ve been tested and approved by dozens of volunteers before they reach our shop.

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